We’re Moving To Vancouver, Canada!


It’s been a long time coming but we finally have the right shapes of ink on the right pieces of paper and we are now finally able to go and live in Vancouver!

We have wanted to move to Canada for over 8 years now and visited Vancouver in 2009. Marylou had been to Toronto when she was 21 so we wanted to see what the other side of Canada looked like – and fell in love XD

Since then Marylou trained to be a qualified Counselor in Stockport, and bore Milo. Then a couple of years ago we realised nothing was keeping us in Manchester anymore so we decided to apply for Permanent Residency in Canada.

We thought we’d get Permanent Residency and be in the country within a few months so we sold up in Manchester and moved in with Marylou’s parents, Greg and Fely, in London. We’ve lived in London for 1.5 years now and enjoyed our time here, but never felt at home because we wanted to be in Vancouver already!

Chimp_PrimaryLogoSo I found a Job with Chimp (https://chimp.net) in Vancouver. They liked me, I liked them and so they applied for a Work Permit. After 2.5 months, we finally got that Work Permit! That was 4 weeks ago, and we’ve since been sorting out all the logistics of trying to move across an ocean and a continent.

Yesterday we finally secured some accommodation for a couple of months while we figure out where we want to settle more permanently, and we booked our ONE WAY flights! So it’s finally happening – we’re moving to Vancouver!


7 thoughts on “We’re Moving To Vancouver, Canada!”

  1. Woweee…..how exciting for you all. So proud of you following your dreams. Praying many blessings gs favour and protection. Over you all on yiur exciting new journey. Xx


  2. Wahoo, super excited for you (and mega sad for us :-() that you have booked your flights and you are actually going! May Jesus be with you every step of this journey, especially with all the hundreds of things that have to get done before you leave. What date do you fly out there? xxx


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